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A few new items are added: A new Album is added.
The old album Weddings has ben replaced with Hotel and Lodges
Contact info is updates and a banner to Edenadventures is added on the frontpage.



A new Album is added. The old album Wildlife is replaced with Uganda Wildlife.



The site has been updated, and a few new features added.


At the moment I am in the process of rebuilding the site, it's going to take a few days and the site may change look and style as we work.
My hopes are that the new site will be smoother and easyer to navigate, and I am also cutting down on the content to keep the most essentials.

The site will be devided in 6-8 categories when done. These categories will be represented by images on the fronpage for easy navigation.
There will no longer be huge galleries with hundreds of images, just the bare essentials to represent my work.
The reason for this rebuild is to make the site more easy for me to administrate and run, and ofcourse to make it as clean and nice as possible for you as a visitor.

Please bare with us as we rebuild..thank you!

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